About Lisa Lambe

Charisma, Grace, Charm.
Any of you that have met Lisa, or that have seen her perform would agree all of these words would be appropriate. However, it is her wealth of talent that makes her the special person she is.

A native of Clontarf and the youngest of ten children, Lisa began her career on stage as early as the age of three. She has said she always sang to herself, but primarily for her own enjoyment.
Or perhaps as a way to shield herself from the din of
such a busy household where, Lisa has allowed,
“people were always coming and going”.
She studied to develop her skills at Trinity College, Dublin. After a trip to a production at The Abbey Theater, she found her calling.
Inspired by the techniques of Roy Hart, Lisa began to realize the full potential of her remarkable gift.
She has been quoted as saying she is interested in an exploration of her voice as “the muscle of the soul”. A way to explore her inner self.

She has had great success in her very young career in both
musical theater, as well as now with the popular
international singing sensation, Celtic Woman.

As the newest vocalist in this Irish phenomenon, she has been a  breath of fresh air for the group. Readily accepted by both fans and her fellow performers, she has put her own spin on many of the songs they perform.

Details of her theater career as well as her time with Celtic Woman are available on other pages in this site.


Suffice it to say that Lisa Lambe is a “Shining Light”
in the entertainment world of today.